With a Name Like Perry Bible Fellowship, It’s Gotta be Funny

April 18, 2007

My buddy Aaron Feaver sent me a link to Nicholas Gurewich’s Perry Bible Fellowship site today, and I wasn’t anywhere near prepared for what I found. I honestly laughed for about five minutes straight, clicking from comic to comic. Besides being really funny and smart, his stuff all has a really unique look (the look even differs from one comic to the next).   It’s the first fresh take I’ve seen on a comic strip in awhile, and I have to say that it’s required browsing. Oh, and it’s weird.  And Weird > Non-Weird.  Here’s the link:


In other news, I have about three definitions in the queue that Urban Dictionary has yet to approve. Fuckers.


One comment

  1. dude,
    i almost crapped myself when i read the “hard read” one w/ cliff notes – awesomeness..

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