Jesus, Robots and Bill Cosby: My Holy Trinity

April 8, 2007

In honor of Easter, here’s a video that falls into the comedy subgenre I love most, behind Robot humor and before hipster ironic Cosby humor: Jesus humor. Jesus humor is pretty much a slam dunk. You can have him do just about anything and it will be modertly funny as long as it’s slighty out of character. And what’s out of character for Jesus, you ask? Just about everything. Just look at G4’s mediocre Office Jesus. Jesus is the go to guy for the lazy, hacky, comedy writer. That’s why he shows up in almost every episode of Family Guy. Second best go to guy would have to be Mr. T. I pity the fool that still writes a Mr. T joke and considers themselves original in any way. Damn it. Did I just say “Pity the fool”? Fuck.

And this is too late for this year, but here’s a great recipe for next year’s Easter Festivities. It’s called “Beer Up the Butt Chicken”. Really, it is.



One comment

  1. Awesome video – I played it for my co-workers – really brightened up the afternoon!

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