I Feel Grrrrrrrrrrreat! (You’ll understand if you watch)

January 8, 2007

Another hilarious video that I love.  I defy you not to love it.  And then, if you in the end don’t love it, then I defy you not to question why.  Still further, if you think about it  and still think “eh.  It was ok.”, then I  defy you not to eat an entire watermellon.  With you  MOUTH.  Go ahead, make my day.

PS Watch for the line “Babies everywhere!”  It makes the whole thing worthwhile.

Post commentary:  Ok, I ate a Nutrigrain bar and didn’t have the same result.  Just a warning.  I felt the same ennui and depression that I always feel, but was slightly less hungry.  To be fair, I have not tried the new “Apricot Angel Dust” Nutrigrain bar, and that could be what they’re pushing here.  Their “Mint Morophine” bar did leave me feeling euphoric and at ease, so I guess there’s hope.  Again, just a warning.


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