The Blue Heron

January 5, 2007

This is a picture of this blue heron that usually parks itself on top of our neighbor’s roof in Florida.  I went out to the garage one day, and it was just standing there, right at the edge of the driveway.  It was probably looking for food, the neighbors feed it spaghetti of all things, but we never feed it. It just kept looking at me with these wierd alien eyes, ever so slowly creeping towards me with it’s impossibly gangly legs.  It let me get pretty close to take a picture, I like to think it was posing for me.

The Blue Heron

I don’t really know much about blue herons except that they’re wierd looking.  Here’s a wikipedia entry if you want to know more though – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_heron


One comment

  1. I’ve officially become a reader of your blog. Apparently, blue herons often visit people. My grandma lived in Ocala FL, and she had a blue heron that became her friend. She named him George and fed him steak. He must miss her now that she’s gone – who else would feed a bird steak? Also, who knew herons were carniverous!

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